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Culture Houses Development Program
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The cultural development program of the National Council of Houses of Culture, responds to the Development Program of the Ministry of Culture, outlining the objectives for the period 2019-2030. Our strategic projection has as its main objective the fulfillment of the mission:

 "To propose, direct and control the application of the nation's cultural policy based on technical and methodological advice to community cultural processes from artistic and literary appreciation, creation and promotion, the strengthening of the Amateur Artists Movement and the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage".

This program has a scope of the entire System of Houses of Culture, understood as:

It has seven (7) development areas:




Main problem:

Problems arising from:

Main results obtained:

Tasks on which we must continue to work:

Main historical background to this programme:

  1. The interventions of Dr. Graciela Pogolotti about the legitimacy of the House of Culture in the Community Cultural work at the beginning of  21st century.
  2. Compendium of Cuban Cultural Thought and Policy. IV Volumes. Dr. Armando Hart Dávalos.
  3. Methodology and practice of community development. Ezequiel AnderEgg.

General  objective:

Redimensioning the system of Culture Houses, through participation processes   and sustainable cultural management that respond to local specificities.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To strengthen the institutional development and the social impact of the house of culture on the population cultural life.
  2. To contribute to the formation and development of creative and appreciative capacities and civic values in children, adolescents and young people.
  3. To strengthen the professional improvement of human resources in the system, emphasizing the performance of art teachers and directors.
  4. To strengthen the work of safeguarding the expressions of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and its creative processes from the community management.
  5. To dimension the technical-artistic work of the MAA as an enriching process of the cultural life in the communities.
  6. To contribute from the house of culture to the strengthening of the community cultural work and the strategies of local development from the culture.
  7. To increase the national and international promotion of the cultural work of the System in the communities.