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Along this path, La Jiribilla has managed to conquer an important capital of collaborators, among which are the main exponents of literature, criticism, thought and research in our country.

The magazine wants to offer its faithful readers an important part of these texts, through an application for mobile devices with the Android operating system, which contains 48 materials published in the last 5 years, which respond to the authorship of 15 National Awards in different humanistic branches.

Undoubtedly, there are many more essential texts and authors in the history of our publication, but for this first version, in the year of its decade and a half, 15 had to start.

They are: Ambrosio Fornet, Antón Arrufat, Aurelio Alonso, Daniel Chavarría, Eduardo Heras León, Eduardo Torres Cuevas, Fernando Martínez Heredia, Fina García Marruz, Graziella Pogolotti, Isabel Monal, Miguel Barnet, Nancy Morejón, Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, Reynaldo González and Roberto Fernández Retamar.


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